World!! my 1st time blogging with passion :p

Fewwww… after almost an hour spending time to figure out how to setup this blog.. finally!!

OK ok ok.. i know this is not the best blog i you see.. but hey~ at least its mine, and its online with my account. That reason are enough for me to brag about it 🙂

My journey start this morning when i saw one of my neighbor who always spend his time in front of his lappy. I am not really understand what the “thing” that make he so addicted with internet. Curios with him, i decide to make an investigation! Woho..don’t get me wrong. Im not going to steal his lappy and track all the web that he always hang out..well.. okay.. i will if i have a chance :p

Thing start with “buat apa bang?” and he reply me with “takde pe..layan forum sikit” , and its gave me the chance to see at his screen.. oh.. i can see he was an active forumer of overseas website. We have a good conversation about what he was actually doing. To make it short, i end up with very excited to join a local forum called wangcyber. The name itself describe their community. ” wang ” equal to money while ” cyber ” is referring to the medium.. in this case – internet. just my personal definition, * its not from wikipedia 🙂

With a good momentum, i registering wangcyber as a member. Bad thing happen (i always on the bad luck) , im not receive any “confirmation” stuff in my inbox. Without this confirmation, i cant post anything on their forum. Think that it might take time to approved, i decide to have a simple surf into their forum.

Woww… that was my 1st word. There are so much “good thing” for me. A lot of people there discussing on how to make money.. with just sitting in front of your windows. That was awesome.



Fuhhh… that was my 2nd word after surfin for an our. I m getting confused. There is so many “things” in there, yeah..  too many can lead me to confused. I can see ebay, some click program, clickbank, blogging, article (just list down few thing that i can remember). Look like i have to make my decision today. Cant let this thing overwhelm my head.

Ahha.. clickbank. ( picked randomly)

After spend a little time on clickbank, i have the general idea on how clickbank working and helping public to generate income. Something that related with promoting others product. And clickbank is all about info product. I decide to have an account and clickbank. Wow.. im so excited.

Just now, i have an account on wangcyber (where will be my resource in learning) and clickbank (where i will pick a product and sell them) , look like i am ready to start my journey with very very very little knowledge.

My journey begin today …


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2 Responses to World!! my 1st time blogging with passion :p

  1. myself says:

    Yaaa.. im proud with you even you are not getting anything yet 🙂 go go go! shout for myself!

  2. Rayner says:

    Sangat bagus!! amat berguna.Tahniah saudara..

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