Choosing clickbank product | my personal guide :)

hard to choose

hard to choose

Choosing the right product in clickbank to promote can be a really hard task. I can see it anywhere, people keep asking what is the best method or tips in choosing the best product. Its make a sense since clickbank itself loaded with more than 10 thousand of product. That was a lot!

And if i have to chose one of them to start, which one should i pick? Hurm.. realize that this task can be hard, i already make my study last nite, about clickbank and how to “read” their product. Beside than clickbank website, i found that cb-analytics was help me a lot. A lot of detail data are given there.

i put a few rule as my guide to choose my 1st product.

1) it has a good gravity

Gravity refer to the volume of person who already make sale with this product. High gravity means that product was hot and many people are making money with that. The downside of high gravity is, its also mean that i will have a lot of competitor who already on their track (making sale) , its not a good choice for me to compete with them. However, i have an idea how to turn all of my competitor to be my guru indirectly πŸ™‚

2) The commission at least USD15

I want to put this amount as my guide because i want to make sure all my hard work will worth. This is not “a must” but just for my guide. I found that clickbank has offer commission as high as 75% for their product. That was really big. And i can see usd15 for commission is everywhere. This will be an easy guide to follow.

3) Good sales page

I realize that most of the market, have a few product with the same target. Some market like make money online, weight lose have tons of product. Its not easy to just randomly pick base on gravity and commission. Thus, i will compare the sales page of all the product that target the same audience. A good sales page should be compelling, at least for me πŸ™‚ i will read their sales page to see how they approach their visitor and what is their offer (bonuses). The design should be count in, i wont happy to promote a product where i am personally will not stay longer on their sales pages.

4) collecting email

i read somewhere that email marketing is one of the power medium to approach the customer. Since everybody now have email account and will check them a few times in a day, email is definitely a good medium to approach. The reason why some product owner capture their visitor email is to “re-try” to approach their customer. This will give a visitor enough time to think either to buy or not. And, i can see this as “effort” in product owner’s side. If i have the same good sales page, and one of them is with email captured page, i will for that email captured.

5) Willing to help affiliate

There is a merchant (product owner) who i can see really help their affiliate. They provide banner, the provide keyword, they provide “tutorial” on how to sell their product, and of them even provide article as our reference. I can see this merchant is really know what their affiliate need, and willing to help their affiliate to make money from his/her product. I think affiliate will love this kind of merchant more than others.

After set some personal guide, i think i am ready to venture again on clickbank. But with the different mission. There is no more “investigator” hat on my head. I am ready to be a salesman πŸ™‚ a good salesman. InsyaAllah.

Make money online, weight lose, seduction industry is a BIG NO for me, currently. I really have no idea on how to promote them. My position as an affiliate is to help a group of people by showing them what’s product that can solve their problem. That was by biggest thing i have to put in my head. Dont be an ordinary salesman. People hate salesman who only know making money. I want to be a person who can help others people, and get reward by doing that. Sound a little cool πŸ™‚

will update later… when i found a product that i love to promote.

Oh ya.. found this “how to choose clickbank product” guide, might be helping me in futures. As now, i wont go too deep.


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  1. Rayner says:

    Terima kasih atas panduan2 dan sharing anda..Congrat’s..

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