Match The Product with the Market – Research time..



After spending for almost an hour walking around clickbank marketplace, i decide to promote one of the product that related with health-cure, there is 3 product available.. and i have pick one, base on his sales page and the design. Everything look good for me.

Since there is a product on this market, i really confident that there are a market and demand on this product. My task right now is to hunting them. Find out where they hang-out and discuss about their problem so that i can collect all the data i need. Now i’am getting nervous. I have no idea what i am going to do right now. Research is too broad for me, what need to research? *dizzy

My first step is to find out about what people said about this product. i wont promote any product that have a bad reputation among their customer. I know there is a way to know the refund rate of a product, but that was too complicated for me. Plus, number are not helping me. Real people will.

So i google anything in my mind about this product.

“product name” + review  ,

“product name” + forum ,

“product name” + scam

The reason why i put quotes between my product is to get the exact word from google search result. Base on the result, majority of the result is on positive side. I also found few sites that created by marketer like me, least i can use their site to study on how can i approach this product 🙂

Besides, i found few active forum that discussing about this product. Look like a found a suitable place to make my research. All the question and curiosity is stated there.. good thing for me.

Time to find the biggest reason, why they need to cure their that i know how much will my product help them. That will be my content later.

Enough for now.. will update once i have enough data to start my article. My target is to create 10 article by this sunday. Will have a tough weekend 🙂


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