Fewwitt ..My very 1st sale :)

Yahooo !

Even its only $18 .. i cant stop smiling

after write some article and summit them to article directory..  i got my first sale today. Look like everything is on the right track . This first sale really boost my motivation. Most important is, i am confident that the system i use right now is working. congaratulation!!

My next plan is to create a minisite on this niche and do pre sell.  Already read and study about presell. Look like i have to buy hosting and domain. Have to wait my debit card. i apply tune money debit card. Hope everything will going well.

UPDATE – 2nd sale :))

Next few hour after i got my 1st sale… its come the 2nd.. yeaaha..

2nd sale

smile to ear

but i wonder why the amount of the commission is a little bit different. I confident that clickbank or the merchant already explain this issue somewhere but i miss to read 😀

2nd update…

icing on cake 🙂 now i really confident with what i’m doing right now. Need to be really focus to expand my campaign.


creamy.. 🙂



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14 Responses to Fewwitt ..My very 1st sale :)

  1. anuarkarimz says:


    Just want to know, what marketing method are you using?


  2. idan says:

    thanks anuarkarimz

    i write a few article base on the question where i found in forum. and summit them to one article directory. from article.. i drive my reader to a blog where i discuss a bit about a product tht i’m promoting. After that..send them to sale page. I only manage to get a very little amount of traffic ( 4-8 visitor to my blog ) alhamdulillah.. still do convert.

    do read at “i’m sharing” page. i do some little sharing there.. btw..thanks for drop by.

  3. Apeh says:

    Good bro,congrate!Article marketing is great if we know how to do it.Make a few research,research again and then write,write and write again,so we’re good to go.Btw,can you share with your reader how to write a good article in english.Generally,people could read what are folks write on the net,but sadly to say most people (including me) cant write very well.

    ps:I do outsource most of my articles 🙂

    • eidan says:

      hi apeh, i think everyone know how to do. write about what people want to read ( research research) and summit them to article directory where you think there is lack of information about what you write there. I saw some tutorial that teach us how to write base on “keyword” . but i approach it differently, i write about what people want to know base on their question. instead of write for google, i write for human.

      yes, same as me. my English is bad n that y i prefer to write in English. kind of exercise for me 😀 and my option, i treat my friend nasi lemak. i write, he do correction. after that i recheck to see weather “the tone” is still the same as i want.. i hate to write like what have we read on science book.. 😀

      anyway..thanks apeh.. outsource is good, but not now 🙂 will go for it when i am ready..

  4. Gaz says:

    Congrats bro!

    Nowadays EZA takes soooo long to approve my articles. Plus, they are a lot more fussier too. I’m currently experimenting with other article directories so we’ll see how it goes.

    4-8 visitors also can convert? Your pre-selling copy mesti cun gile ni. Anyway, I just checked my CB stats and turns out I had just made $52.30 affiliate commission only this morning! I haven’t gotten a sale for the last 15 days.

    Man I LOVE internet marketing!

    • eidan says:

      ya la.. ezine have very good impression especially for google, tht y i think they really want to maintain their quality of article. we have to work hard 🙂

      can say the conversation is about 25% where 1 of 4 visitor will make a purchase. i also send a few email to my customer (get it from clickbank) and ask them how was the product.. most of them say its good..and i take it as testimonial (of course with permission) and for bad comment, i forward that message to the owner of the product..hope they can fix it.

      now iam promoting “make money” product, some people warn newbie to stay away from that kind of product, but i really want to have the experience. currently 1 sale 🙂 i promote it on a forum + blog. will share it here when i got at least 10 sale..

      thanks gatz.. and congrats for your sale.. keep up a good work.. and ..why not share your method with me 😀

  5. Gaz says:

    Hey Eidan,

    Thanks for that Clickbank email tip! Never thought of that! I ought to give that a try as it seems like a good way to gain a bunch of ‘personalized affiliate testimonials’ for my niche sites.

    Anyway as far as my method goes, well I’m kind of a newbie too so I also do a lot of article marketing.

    Only I stop submitting to EZA because they are extremely slow when it comes to approval. I can’t wait 7 – 10 days anymore (unless you’re willing to fork out $97 per month for a premium account, by which you get your articles approved within a few hours. Cekik blood betul!)

    Currently I publish my stuff on Articlesbase (AB) first. Faster approval and they are just as powerful. I submit the same articles to both directories and I seem to get more traffic from AB. My articles in AB seem to rank better in the SE too.

    So maybe you can try publish your articles on AB after you publish them on EZA. I’m sure you’ll get a lot more traffic this way. The downside to AB is that your anchor text link in the resource box is set to ‘no-follow’. Otherwise AB is alright.

    Btw, how many articles you wrote to get that first sale?

  6. eidan says:

    Gaz..thanks for sharing. will definitely try “your playground” 🙂 i write about 8 article.. and half of them are rank well. i also summit them to a few of different Article directory after spin it.

    i’m not really clear about no-follow thingy. look like its not good for article writer. does no follow will prevent us from getting any juice to our pre sell page? btw, thanks for sharing dude.. nice to know you.

  7. shahrul says:

    congratz Eidan,did your sale are fully come from article marketing or other various technic.

  8. eidan says:

    For the first sale and 2nd sale, Yes. Now i’m expanding to blog, hub, lens, forum.. anything i can reach. Currently fallin love with squidoo..and wordpress.

  9. pitt says:

    Hi Eidan! Congratz for ur sell. I try 2 do like you told, but get confused at the pre sell page. U doing pre sale on ur blog, so u’ll have just only 1 post about the product u doing pre sale right? Or u add some another article about the niche that you entered?

  10. eidan says:

    hi pitt, its only a single page and post, i write a long “story telling”. i also put some related picture and link out to a few of blog (other people blog that talking about the same topic) and of course..link them to the merchant/product owner. You dont have to follow exactly what have i done. If you think you can approach your visitor with a better way, why not. anyway.. good luck fpr your campaign.

  11. pitt says:

    Thnaks 4 the sharing, eidan. its a good method that you use. and i have another idea 2 share 2 u to. instead of 1, maybe you can make a blog that do 3 to 5 product review. what do you think? and, what is d difference between pre sale and product review?

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