My simple Action In getting Sale

What i have done to get those 2 sale

Here my little sharing on what i have done in getting those 2 sale. Yaa.. i know that was the small amount of sale and commission. But, without first sale..there is no next sale right?

What i have done on pass few week is, researching my niche market. I believe every niche can be profitable if we approach it properly. Every product is created because of the demand, my role is to find “who want it” a.k.a customer. Sound simple, but i do take a lot of time since i was new with all of this.

My niche is in health industry. Its related with natural way to solve the problem. When im done research, i confident with this niche since i see a lot of active forum talking about the problem. My next step is to find the product that can solve their problem. Clickbank hav a few of product that relevant with my niche. I choose the best product – judge from their sale page. I pick one product to promote.

Next step is – i write 6 article and summit to one article directory. For writing idea, i use forum as my main place to get the idea. I enter the forum, read their problem, and take note the question that they have asked in that forum. I took their question as my idea to write article. Luckily, most of the question is already answered by their member. Some of them even provide link where they get the answer. Love that!!

My theory is, we only open a new thread and asking question AFTER we google it and found no answer. Which mean, they cant found the answer they want in the FIR T PAGE GOOGLE RESULT. Second is, if there is one people asking a question..other people also might have the same question in their head. So, i use their question as my article. I mean, i just “aswer” their question in my article.

Here is a list of article directory you can use..


Yes i am.

I point the reader to my free blog (where i do pre sell). After pre sell my visitor, i drive them to the sale page where they can decide them self, weather they want to buy or not.

For the blog, there is a little bit complicated to explain on what i have done. My main mission (beside selling of course) is to plant trust within my visitor. You can research more about “good presell page” or ” how to do presell” and i am confident you will found a lot of great free resource out there ๐Ÿ™‚

i really like to read your comment , it will be much better if you can share your proven method in getting sale.. ๐Ÿ™‚


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One Response to My simple Action In getting Sale

  1. Raito says:

    Actually, I’m quite surprised that with your horrible English, you’re still able to sell. But, since you told that you get help from your friend to proof read your articles, then it clears things up. However, you’re gifted in my book.

    I’m not trying to make you down with your effort now nor do I bashing you in what you do currently. It’s just a head up from a friend who wants to see your success continues in the future. But, only with little changes.

    Stop doing story telling or you will regret it later. FTC is cracking down, mate. It’s good if you change the path of your pre sell technique right now.

    It’s fine if you make $20/day. But later on when you become a big star who makes $1000/day, you’re a dead meat. After all, you tell lies to people to persuade and gain trust from them.

    Just a head up. Better sorry than late.

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