Keyword Assassin Review


My first impression when read about this product is – Cool 🙂

I imagine something that relate with ” kill your competitor” or ” hurt Mr google” , so, i begging Mr Aurora ice (the writer) for free copy to review. And here is mine..

Does Keyword Assassin are same as my expectation?


But its more than what i expect 🙂

Of course I’m not serious about killing our competitor or hurting our beloved Mr google, but with this guide I believe Google will love me more since I will gave what they are lacking for.

As i can see, this Keyword Assassin is a complete guide about how to do keyword research, and get a huge of free Google traffic by positioning our minisite/blog/hub/lens on 1st page of google result. Aurora ice are 100% focus on Google search engine. That was make a sense since google is the biggest source of traffic.

Sound complicated, but this guide make it so easy by explaining in detail step by step how to do it. There is 59 pages written guide plus 6 vidoes explaining everything you need to know.

I can see, all the method that he shared is base on “free method” which mean i dont have to buy any tool or software to use this method.

Some screen shot from Keyword Assassin

A few “secret string” are used along google search in order to get a better result of our competitor. By identify how strong our competitor on certain keyword, we can see weather we can win the game easily, or with lot of sweat. This method will save me a lot of time and reduce my “loser campaign”.

The most exciting part is, when Keyword Assassin reveal me a secret about google search result. The fact is, the competition page that shown by google is not always true and scary. I bet you will love that secret too.

Some result using Keyword Assassin

Another goodies is – case study. I can see the result after applying this method on our website or blog (writer show his website and squidoo lens).

Overall… As a bum marketer, this Keyword Assassin is delivered. Its cover all the thing we need to know while research and picking keyword for our campaign. Maybe its not a advance or super power technique, but i think its already good for me (who love free method) in getting better position in google. Love it!

The downside is..

This guide only touch about how to do keyword research on information product, I believe there is different approach to pick a good keyword for physical product. Second, this Keyword Assassin is only available in Bahasa, its a good news for local, not global.



*will update when its launched


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