the assemble on non quality pixel

Another check from another account. This check will turn to plain piece of paper within 90 day. I decide to keep it as my collection..more to personal satisfaction maybe :p . I wonder if there is other payment method beside than check. When chating with aurora ice (one of wangcyber member), he said i need to open an US bank account, I’m not really clear about it..but sound too complicated for me (currently). Cek pon ceklah…

When reading a few local  blog, they said it will take me at least 30-40 day (ouch..) to turn this paper into money. It will depend on which bank i deal with.

ps. Webcam with low light condition will produce a really bad image quality.. i should quit photograph.


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5 Responses to Alhamdulillah..

  1. eidan says:

    Congratulation to my self 😀 Should celebrate this little success with my parent. A seafood dinner at kuala perlis will do.

  2. anuarkarimz says:

    congrate from me too…some question want to ask:-

    1) Is it we must alway do promotion for product we choose, if not our commission will be deduct.

    2) Is it we must get 5 sales from different credit card, so we can get payout from clickbank.

    thank bro

  3. eidan says:

    thanks anuarkarimz..

    1) Doing promotion is good, but we don’t have to do promotion all the time. With the power of internet, our promotion can be run auto-pilot. Clickbank will deduct our commission if we fail to get any new sale in certain period. Don’t worry..its not scary 🙂 and if we can get our 1st sale..we can get our 1st 10 or 100 sale using the same method.

    2) Yes.. 5 sale from different people, using credit card.

    *i’m not very clear about all of that actually, but i don’t think those issue will hold us from making money from them.

    thanks again anuarkarimz..

  4. earnword says:

    tahniah. Bukan senang tu nak dapat sales dari clickbank. Lagi2 nak pilih produk clickbank yang boleh buat sales..

    • eidan says:

      Terima kasih.. mmg apa pon bermula dari susah. Bila dah lepas fasa susah tu.. insya’allah.. perspektif susah tu bertukar kepada senang secara perlahan.

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