Niche Idea Generation – How to Pick a Great Niche for your Online Business

Hello guys..

What was you do to generate a Niche idea? Well, if we put this quesstion on google, i bet we will found  a lot of niche idea generation article and tutorial, but which is the best to start with? Here is a few simple step from me that you can apply immedietly to start generate your niche idea.

It is not a big secret actually, but , with this single resource alone, can give you a lot of niche idea generation.

Niche Idea Generation resource – Refer to a Magazine

Magazine is a very good resource to find a good niche. This is because, magazine will only exist if there is a lot of demand from reader. This mean, they already make a proper research about their topic (industry) before they decide to publish it.

What should you do is.. find what is the product or service that advertised in that magazine. All of them is a niche (sub topic) within that industry. The idea is, if advertiser promote their product on that magazine, their product is very related or relevant with the topic.

second  thing to look is – the content. The content from a magazine is usually a new hot topic among their reader. And, we as marketer, should look for any problem that exist between it, and find a solution for that problem.

Let do some real live exercise.

I just randomly download this magazine.

In this magazine, i found an interesting topic, and try to look for problem that might exist with this topic.

Complicated step to create HDR image.

A lot of photographer are crazy about High Definition Range or HDR. To get this kind of effect, a lot of step they have to follow and need a high skill of photoshop (image editor) skill too. So, if there is an easy way for them to get a HDR photo, i am sure they willing to pay for it. After doing a little research on internet, a found a great software called “Photomatix” that can turn a single image to HDR look, without a headache. And, a lot of great review from other photographer too. Let see what can we do..

So now i need to know about the demand of this software. From a quick keyword research.. i found :

keyword research using FREE google tool

Look like we have found a good set of keyword for adword.. if we dig deeper, i am sure we will found more.

For Bum marketer, this is the SEO competition for best HDR software keyword.

google search result

Look nice. If we found yahoo answer and forum appear on the first page, that was a good indicator actually. That’s mean we have a big chance to put our blog/site on the first page too. Or, we can start promoting this product on photography forum. Don’t underestimate forum marketing, i personally make a lot of sale with forum.

So now.. we already found a product, and a set of good keyword.But now i was thinking.. does this product have affiliate program? I should deal with this issue first before proceed to next step.  And the bad new is.. i cant found any affiliate link on their website (  😦

But wait.. why not we email them about this, issue. I got their email at “about us” page.

And they replied with..


join affiliate program..

This mean.. we now can register as their affiliate 🙂

Since there are no affiliate information on their website, i am pretty sure that not many people are promoting this product. If so, the competition should be not really stiff. The next thing to do is to get the important information about this independent affiliate program.

My main intention to write this post is to show you how can you use a magazine to generate your niche idea. Actually, that was what exactly i am doing to find a niche for my business. You should too.

That’s all from me today, I hope you will found benefit from my share. I appreciate any comment from you.


Do you ever read about Niche Idea Generation product? It was a new product that highly focus on how we can generate cool niche idea.I might  write a super specific review about it on next post. Make sure you subscribe   or bookmark this blog, so that you wont miss it.

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2 Responses to Niche Idea Generation – How to Pick a Great Niche for your Online Business

  1. Ange says:

    I’ve subscribed for post updates! 🙂 I love how you simplified the process! Excellent share! Thanks

  2. John Anthony says:

    I thought this was an excellent, practical, impartial piece of advice and one of the best I’ve found on the web. Really useful steps, realistic and actually a great way to start developing a niche. It sounds so simple but I’d never really thought about picking up a magazine to look for niche ideas! The question is, which ones………….

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