My First USD1000 With Cpalead

A quick update about my cpalead experiment. 2 great thing happen today,

1) I just withdraw from Bank Islam ( Earning for May)

2) I just break my first thousand barrier. While other people make it within their first week, i took  for almost 70 days!  Poor me. Alhamdulillah.


About eidan

Mesti korang banyak pendapat kan? Why not tinggalkan pendapat korang di ruangan komen :) dan sesapa sudi berkawan, add me on facebook
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4 Responses to My First USD1000 With Cpalead

  1. Nasrul Hanis says:

    Pergh! Nice! Congrats bro and keep up!

  2. eidan says:

    wa..cepatnya. mmg sentiasa online ke apa. Apa pon, terima kasih..

  3. fiza says:

    Cpalead ni apa? 1st time dengar. Anyway…congrats, byk tu (^_^)

  4. idan says:

    terima kasih. Cpalead salah satu CPA network. Fiza cuba research tentang “CPA” sure akan dapat maklumat yang lebih detail. atau perge ke

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